Economy and life in Ghana

Amazing Economy of Oman

Oman’s GDP per capita continuously expands in the past 50 years. It grew almost 339% in late 1960s that reached their peak growth of 1370% during 1970s. Their current in statistics is at 64th (nominal) / 74th (PPP) GDP growth striked to 2.9% (2014 est.) GDP per capita is $43,000 (2014 est). Their GDP per sector is divided into three which is in agriculture 1.2%, industry 65.1%, and services 39.1% (2014 est.) They have at least 1% (2014 est.) on inflation. Their main industries are production of crude oil and refining, natural and liquefied natural gas (LNG) production; construction, cement copper, steel, chemicals, optic fiber.
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